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T-Shirt Wholesalers Johannesburg

T Shirt Wholesale Options

T-Shirt Wholesalers Johannesburg, wholesale unisex Round Neck. Crew Neck and V Neck Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve T-Shirts. Made from 100{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Cotton. Or polycotton (50{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Cotton + 50{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Polyester). For Children from the ages of 3-4 Years. 5-6 Years. 7-8 Years. 9-10 Years. 11-12 Years. 13-14 Years. And adults starting from sizes: Small (S). Medium (M). Large (L). Xtra Large (XL). And Double XL (XXL). Choose from a range of colours including Black. White. Khaki. Grey. Purple. Pink. Maroon. Red. Orange. Yellow. Navy Blue. Royal Blue. Sky Blue. Turquoise. Lime Green. Emerald Green. And Bottle Green. Available in 130gsm. 145gsm. 160gsm. And 180gsm.

Wholesale T Shirt Fabrics

100{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Cotton. 50{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d}/50{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Polycotton.

Wholesale T Shirt Colours

Black. White. Khaki. Grey. Purple. Pink. Maroon. Red. Orange. Yellow. Navy Blue. Royal Blue. Sky Blue. Turquoise. Lime Green. Emerald Green. Bottle Green.

Wholesale T Shirt Weights

130gsm. 145gsm. 160gsm. 180gsm.

Wholesale T Shirt Collars

Round Neck. Crew Neck. V Neck.

Wholesale T Shirt Sizes

Children Ages: 2-3. 4-5. 6-7. 8-9. 10-11. 12-13 Years Of Age. Adult Sizes: Small (S). Medium (M). Large (L). Extra Large (XL). Double XL (XXL).

Wholesale T Shirt Sleeves

Sleeveless. Short Sleeved. Long Sleeved.

Latest T Shirt Wholesalers Price List

145gsm T-Shirts - 100{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Cotton
165gsm T-Shirts - 100{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Cotton
180gsm T-Shirts - 100{9d4f6500a6d0088024263a09510e7f770b95758c13986a2f76f2cb4b7b6f2f9d} Cotton